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Top 10 Craziest Transformations Before and After Joining Zumba Fitness

Zumba Fitness is a Latin-inspired fitness dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere. The sessions are 1 hour long and the rhythms are inspired from all around the world. The best part of these classes are that the classes feel like party and relieves one’s stress(if you have any) in no time. And you don’t have to know any dancing skills to enjoy zumba classes, just come to classes and dancing will come automatically to you alongwith fitness.

Now lets move on to the ten craziest transformations before and after people joined Zumba.

1.     Grand Nanny to  A  Zumba  Instructor (A Praiseworthy Journey Indeed)
zumba fitness before and after

People generally retire by the age of 60 years and by 79 years they probably see their grandchildren getting married, settled, etc. But this grand nanny didn’t give up just yet. Meet Monika Aasa who is from Sweden and has recently acquired Zumba  Instructor License.
She chose to make a difference in her life and hence proved this phrase right “Age is just a number”. The Zumba World is inspired by her move and has vouched never to give up.

2.   Overweight girl to an enthusiastic Zumba Fitness Aspirant

zumba fitness before and after
This lady’s weight loss journey is freaking awesome.  Lobke Meulemeester weighed around whooping  233 pounds back in 2015, and hitting the gym on a regular basis was a Herculean task for her because she couldn’t  enjoy doing the workout. The weight training and exercise seemed exhaustive and very monotonous, and she started finding ways to transform her life.That’s when Zumba Fitness classes were introduced in her gym. And her life almost changed after she enrolled for the classes. The classes felt like a party and her instructor motivated her to workout more. She has lost over 60 pounds. And vows to stay fit forever, well we feel you girl adding the fun element to fitness is all that anyone can ask for.

3.    Gym-Hater To Zumba Fitness Instructor –

gym hater to fitness instructor
LeeAnn Wilcox was just an overweight young lady weighing around 150 pounds when she discovered Zumba fitness classes at her university. After attending Zumba fitness classes, she felt that the classes were transforming her life into something beautiful. And after six months she took up a license to teach Zumba. From an unhappy overweight kid, she transformed into a beautiful, inspiring Zumba Instructor transforming others lives.Whoa, that’s a huge transformation everyone tries to lose their weight but how many of us have tried to overcome our hatred towards one particular thing and embrace it with love? Well, you have given us a reason to try and imbibe this attitude and achieve success.

4.    CPA to Dancing Queen-

Charlene Rhinehart grew up like so many young girls – introvert, shy, and lacking the confidence to follow her dreams. Charlene went on to study accounting and become a CPA, but always kept her love of dance close to her heart. Charlene says that Zumba was her Prince Charming. Zumba fitness rescued me from my fears and exposed me to the best years of my life,” explains Charlene. At age 24, she decided to put herself out there and pursue her dance ambitions by auditioning for the 2011 season dance team for the Chicago Mustangs Semi-Pro Football Team. Lo and behold, she was one of only 20 women to make the cut. Now you know Zumba Fitness helps people transform their personalities too and be their real self.

5.    From a Patient she became an Inspirational Zumba Instructor-

Josette Tkacik was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2011.Instead of sulking around she joined as a Zumba Instructor in Santa Barbara so that she could financially support her family. She started with three students, and now she’s become a passionate leader in her community, teaching 200 people every night and earning six figures in a career she loves.How many of us have chose to do something that defies our normal daily routine? Choose to be yourself, make your own destiny.

6.  Class Participant to Lead Instructor-

Antonio Villanueva joined Zumba fitness classes as a student but his personality and his enthusiasm to attend the classes made him take up the instructor training, and he transformed himself from a class participant to the lead instructor of a gym facility. His students love him and are sharing their success stories after joining Zumba. Excellent work done Antonio. Being a student is a comfortable zone but becoming an instructor and wearing an instructor cap is a tough job but one can make efforts to make it happen.

7.     School going kid to World’s Youngest Zumba  Instructor-

zumba fitness before and after
This is one of the craziest transformation ever.  Henry Cedero has been doing Zumba since the age of 10 & became an instructor when he was 11 years old. He was the first kid to get certified worldwide. At the tender age of 11 years when his friends were still learning concepts at school. He chose to impart knowledge worldwide. Bravo champion. You make the world a better place to live.


8.    A Zumba instructor with down syndrome-

zumba fitness before and after
Yulissa who is from Lima was diagnosed with Down Syndrome when she was born. Since the beginning, she had been inclined to the world of music and dance. In 2003 she moved to  California, where she learned English and also learned a mantra, i.e., “I Can.” And with that mindset she achieved so much. In 2008,  she found her real passion in Zumba Fitness and took up a license in the same industry. She got a chance to dance alongside the creator of Zumba- Beto Perez. She is spreading smiles through her work. We hope she can inspire more people with her work.


9.    Banker to Zumba Instructor-

zumba fitness before and after

Trust me on this a job as a banker and a job as a Zumba instructor is totally unrelated. While many people perceive a banking job to be monotonous and stressful, Zumba Instructor’s job although is challenging but is more fun filled when done right. Sanja Niksic was staying in a small town called Serbia working at a bank since past ten years when she thought she needs to do something more. And that’s  how she enrolled in a Zumba class and within a month she took up a license in Zumba and within a year she set up her studio by the name of NIKA. She has over 100 students now who look up to her, waiting to transform their life just like she has done.

10.   Cancer Survivor to Zumba Instructor-

zumba fitness before and after
Hillary was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 3. At five years cancer spread in her body and affected her right eye and her hands and legs too. Surviving cancer may not be severe but living life with the after effect that the disease gives you is hard. She joined Zumba classes with her mom, and that was it. She started enjoying the classes, and the instructor used to encourage her to join the stage with her. The feeling of acceptance was all she needed from the fellow members. At the age of 24, she took up a license and feels that she took the best decision of life. Everyone as a point of time has required an acceptance from fellow inmates; this acceptance may not cost you anything, but it is a great deal for the one who needs it, this acceptance can make or break a person.




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