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10 Superstars Who Are Working For WWE for over A Decade

WWE has come to be a conveyor belt within the last couple of decades. It appears that lots of superstars come into the organization and wind up leaving quite quickly following their introduction.

Many wrestlers all around the world still consider WWE to be the ultimate fantasy, it’s the target that lots of wrestlers work towards and it is the reason that many are still wrestling in a high degree, which means that if they finally make it to WWE, they would like to make it count. There is just one WWE celebrity who was a part of this provider now for at least 26 decades, which is The Undertaker, that made his debut back at Survivor Series in 1990. There are different wrestlers like Mark Henry and John Cena that are a part of this list despite not being viewed for a while and even being considered part-time celebrities.

There are quite a few other celebrities who’ve been with WWE for at least a decade today too, which is considered to be quite a long time in a world in which everyone appears to be replaceable whatever the role they once played on WWE TV. The following is a list of WWE stars who’ve been with the business now for at least a decade and technically may remain a part of WWE for more, which is shocking considering how difficult it is to remain working at the highest level for as long as they’ve.

10. Natalya

Debut – July 2007

natalya wwe

Natalya was an integral component of the Women’s Division on both Raw and SmackDown for lots of years. Natalya is a former Divas Champion in her own right and has the opportunity to win the Women’s Championship this Sunday at SummerSlam, but considering she’s been a part of WWE today for at least a decade, it would appear that she does not have a whole lot to show for herself for the previous ten decades.

Many lovers are quite outspoken about the fact that Natalya has not been given the opportunities that she warrants within the previous couple of decades even though she’s been a main portion of Total Divas for the previous four decades, which has started a whole lot more doors for her alongside the main stars, Nikki and Brie Bella.

9. Dolph Ziggler

Debut – Jan 23rd, 2006

Dolph Ziggler wwe

Dolph Ziggler has come to be a renowned mainstay in WWE within the previous twenty five years, is a former two-time World Heavyweight Champion, a former Money in the Bank winner, also has won the Intercontinental Championship five times.

Ziggler left his debut back in 2006 as a part of The Spirit Squad, a group of five male cheerleaders that had been in favour of Vince McMahon during his feud with Shawn Michaels. Spirit Squad were shipped back to OVW the following year and Ziggler is the sole member of this team who has managed to remain a part of WWE ever since. Ziggler is widely considered to be one of the best pure wrestlers in WWE now, but his concussion history implies that WWE are not as likely to take massive opportunities with him within WWE’s main card anymore. Ziggler is one of a variety of WWE stars that have not been seen on WWE TV for at least a month with rumours which Ziggler might be being repackaged.

8. John Cena

Debut –  June 27th, 2002

john cena wwe

John Cena is possibly the best-known WWE celebrity in the business right now and also the undisputed face of WWE, but it didn’t begin like this for Cena. John was not viewed as a future star by Triple H or Vince McMahon in his early years and has been made to demonstrate that he was not another wrestler with a fantastic physical existence and no true talent.

Over the previous 15 years Cena has demonstrated that he had been much greater than that and also as making history as a 16-time World Champion, Cena has just been conquered wash on WWE TV three times in the last ten years and has even managed to make a prosperous career as an actor, rapper and reality celebrity outside of WWE. Cena has defied all the odds in WWE and despite the fact that it appears that retirement in the business is in the long run for Cena, he will constantly go back to the business when he is wanted because wrestling means a lot to him which he would not ever be able to walk away in the firm once and for all.

7. Randy Orton

Debut – April 25th, 2002

randy orton wwe

Much like John Cena, Randy Orton produced his debut in WWE 15 decades back and has since become one of the biggest stars that the firm has ever had. Orton became the youngest ever World Champion when he awakened Brock Lesnar’s record at SummerSlam back in 2004 and if it was not because of his issues with prescription medication a couple of years into his WWE career, he’d have easily had a career to rival one of his biggest rivals, John Cena.

Orton recently won The Royal Rumble for the next time and then was able to win the WWE Championship for an incredible 13th time back in WrestleMania 33 when he defeated former friend Bray Wyatt, who’d only won the title back in Elimination Chamber. Orton is still a main portion of this SmackDown Live roster and struggles Rusev this weekend in SummerSlam after officially coming from the WWE Championship picture when he dropped a Punjabi Prison game at Battleground.

6. The Big Show

Debut – February 14th, 1999

bigshow wwe

The World’s Largest Athlete created his way throughout the WWE curtain for the first time in the St. Valentines Day Massacre back in 1999 and he’s been using his incredible weight and prestige against his opponents ever since.

Big Show has not always been a favourite of the WWE Universe, but within the last couple of years he’s demonstrated that he is dedicated to the wrestling business and was even able to eliminate a good deal of weight and then gain plenty of muscle earlier this season if there were rumours that Big Show goes on to confront Shaquille O’Neal in WrestleMania 33, but the game never happened in the ending.

5. Chris Jericho

Debut- June 13th, 1999

chris jericho wwe superstar

Chris Jericho may be considered a strange situation in WWE since he’s been with WWE since 1999, however he’s left the business many times and left his return for a couple of months before leaving again as he seems to split his time between wrestling and touring with his band Fozzy.

Jericho has technically been with WWE for 18 decades, however his various hiatuses in the firm take his total nearer to 16 decades, which is still incredible considering Jericho can render WWE and easily return and easily roll back the years to demonstrate that he is still one of the very gifted wrestlers to have ever stepped into a WWE ring. Jericho could be a six time World Champion but it was that one night back in 2001 that he was able to become the first ever Undisputed WWE Champion which will always be viewed as the crowning achievement in Jericho’s wrestling career.

4. Kane

Debut October 5th, 1997

Kane wwe superstar

Kane was introduced into WWE since the brother of The Undertaker and also the guy who’d finally have the ability to generate an impact against the Phenom called The Deadman following seven decades of hell as part of WWE.

Kane is one of very few WWE celebrities who have games which were created for him specifically. Incredibly Kane has won 23 Championships over the previous twenty years in WWE and even though he is on hiatus from WWE right now because he pursues a career in politics, it is believed that Kane will soon be back to pick up where he left off in a WWE ring in the long run.

3. Mark Henry

Debut – March 11th, 1996

Mark henry wwe superstar

Mark Henry was called a weight lifter and as The World’s Strongest Man before he signed for WWE back in 1996 and somehow Henry has discovered a way to remain applicable within their firm for at least 20 decadesago

Henry still pursued a career in Strongman competitions alongside his WWE career and was last seen as the most powerful guy in the world back in 2002, something that he has used to his advantage during his WWE career. Henry is a former World Champion, European Champion and ECW Champion however it appears that the WWE Championship has ever been the title which has eluded him.

2. Triple H

Debut – April 30th, 1995

triple h wwe superstar

Triple H continues to be raising The Sport in the wrestling world ever since 1995. He’s gone through several stages as a WWE star, from Hunter Hurst Helmsley to Triple H, to The King of Kings, The Sport and many different figures that the 14-time World Champion was called within the previous two decades.

Triple H is currently considered to be a part-time celebrity in WWE since he is the COO of the business and operates backstage down in NXT with lots of the organization’s developmental abilities. Triple H is still capable to do at WrestleMania annually and is equipped to be included in rivalries on WWE TV despite the fact that he does not typically wrestle on WWE TV anymore. Triple H was once regarded as the measuring stick of WWE and within the last couple of decades, his understanding of this company has enabled him to flip NXT into a happening of its own, proving that he’s always had a knack for the business despite rumours that said otherwise.

1. Undertaker

Debut November 22nd, 1990

undertaker wwe

The Undertaker was a part of WWE today for nearly 27 decades. He once had the longest undefeated streak at WrestleMania, which started on his birthday back in WrestleMania 7 and has spanned over two decades.

A number of the WWE Universe refuse to believe that Undertaker has abandoned the business until there is a WrestleMania and The Deadman doesn’t seem. It will be interesting to determine if Taker looks at WrestleMania 34, and If he does not, it will be the first WrestleMania WWE have produced without Taker since WrestleMania 16.



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