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23rd October Raw Match: Brock Lesner returns to WWE RAW face Goldberg

Last Monday night on WWE RAW, we all have seen that Goldberg made his return to the WWE ring and gave a kickass reply to Brock Lesnar’s challenge for a fight. WWE superstar Goldberg entered to a roaring ovation. He was clearly overcome with emotion and told Denver and the entire WWE Universe that he was accepting the brock’s challenge. He added that he is not only next to but is last! While it is being rumored that Goldberg could lose at Survivor Series at the hands of the beast. Let’s take a look at few reasons that why Goldberg should defeat Brock Lesnar. Goldberg huge fan following all the WWE fans are eagerly waiting to see Brock Lesnar’s loss from the hands of Goldberg.

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5 Facts Why Goldberg Should Defeat Brock Lesner at Survivor Series

Everybody and Goldberg’s grandmother expected that when Undertaker eventually lost a match at WrestleMania. It would be any younger WWE superstar in general who could use the huge win as a stepping stone. Instead, WWE gave the win to the best Brock Lesnar, who certainly didn’t need the boost at all. We should also remember that in John Cena defeated Brock Lesner in his first match back after 8 years away from the business.

After that, Brock Lesner went on to destroy a bunch of other guys in other fighting rings and became arguably the most important guy on the entire roster. But now, Goldberg has come back to take one last stand and to show what he is.

#5 Wins and losses matter, but not as much as you think

Brock Lesner face Goldberg

Brock Lesner vs Goldberg Last Fight

#4 Goldberg and his power moves are iconic

Goldberg best Lesner

Goldberg powerful Spear

Goldberg’s power bomb

1. Spear:– There are so many wrestlers in WWE who do Spear. But Goldberg’s spear is the considered as the most painful and powerful spear in WWE.

2. The Jackhammer:- Those are two moves, especially the Spear, that will be forever linked to Bill Goldberg. No matter how many people use the spear to finish their opponents. Jackhammer as a regular part of their arsenal (Ryback?) and Roman Reigns who will always be defined by how Goldberg executed them to perfection.

#3 Lesnar cannot match Goldberg’s passion

Goldberg Reply

Goldgerg returns to WWE RAW

#2 The feel-good story

Goldberg and his son

Goldberg with his son

#1 Let Goldberg go out on a high note

WWE World heavyweight Champion Goldberg

Champion Goldberg


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