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BREAKING : Goldberg Returns to WWE RAW To Face Brock Lesnar

goldberg returns to wwe raw

For past years, the possibility of Bill Goldberg returns to WWE has been discussed and ultimately shot down time and time again.  Goldberg, former WCW phenomenon. His last appearance for the WWE came at Wrestle Mania XX in 2004, oddly enough against Brock Lesnar. Now, everyone is eagerly waiting to see him returning to WWE and to clash against the best Brock Lesner. It would be interested in setting up a marquee match between both these evils.

All the WWE Fans are eagerly waiting with bated breath last week to see whether Goldberg would commit to a return to WWE during his SportsCenter appearance. But, some mild and fighting words for Brock Lesnar aside, the former World Heavyweight Champion didn’t pinpoint his hands one way or the other. Paul Heyman, advocate for WWE 2K17 cover Superstar Lesnar didn’t waste any time and promulgate his own feelings about Goldberg. We can say that it is mainly and an irritation since Goldberg remains a lone blemish on the career of the beast “Brock Lesnar”. As a result, Goldberg gave a hard reply and indicate that he is not gonna leave Brock Lesner. Well we all are waiting to see what happens when Goldberg Returns to WWE.

This Monday, Goldberg will be appear on Monday Night Raw for the first time in 12 years. Not only this, WWE could hold off on Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar until WrestleMania 33, it’d be much prudent to schedule the bout imminently. We can’t forget that WWE have one of their traditional pay-per-view giants which is coming up in November. So guy’s hold your breath and get ready to see that One-on- One match between Brock Lesner vs Golderg.

Paul Heyman Challenged Goldberg

Paul Heyman threw down the gauntlet on Raw. He issued a harshly worded challenge to a “fight” on behalf of his client “Brock lesner”. He used parting words for former World Heavyweight Champion and said that “You’re next.”

paul heyman goldberg

Goldberg respond him through his tweet and swiftly took to Twitter to announce he would respond to Heyman on next week  in Denver, writing:  Well we’ll tell you what he tweeted.

Well, let’s see what happens in Monday Night Raw? Elsewhere, Hell In A Cell is right around the corner. The company have already planned about the number of   three titular Cell matches. That may seem like overkill. So,this week’s Raw can help further each individual story nicely.

Monday Night Raw would be a busy broadcast as next pay per view “Hell In A Cell” is mere weeks away. It would be interesting to see what the creative team have planned for the broadcast.

Goldberg Last Fight With Brock Lesner


Goldberg return to WWE Raw


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