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Kurt Angle inducted into WWE Hall of Fame 2017

Kurt will be inducted  in WWE’s 2017 Hall of Fame

Hello WWE wrestling Lovers

We all are pretty much excited to see 2017 first Hall of Fame Kurt Angle in the ring. WWE has officially announced his name that Kurt Angle WWE Hall of Fame and he will be taking his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame’s Class of 2017. By announcing this phenomenal news, WWE made a crowd pleasing announcement. So, all the Kurt Angle lovers, be ready to watch your superstar live at Florida on April 1st. In WWE’s announcement, the WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent stated that Kurt Angle’s accomplishment in WWE and in Olympics were extraordinary. Without any doubt, he is one of the best WWE wrestlers of all time. But now the question that strike our mind is that who will induct him? Guess what, he’s none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin,who will induct Kurt Angle. Two others Former rivals Edge and Shawn Michaels were also on the stand as potential options but there’s no better option than Stone Cold Steve Austin. According to Kurt Angle, Stone Cold is the only one man for the job.

Kurt Angle will be WWE's 2017 Hall of Fame

Kurt Angle will be WWE’s 2017 Hall of Fame

Kurt Angle’s ‘Recent Interview with Coach

After this rivalry news, Kurt Angle had his interview where he was asked some of the fizzy question about WWE and his career with WWE. Kurt Angle was talking about his leaving WWE and his battle with addiction. He admitted that he has a great relationship with WWE and he fought some of his best matches in WWE. Apart from this, he accepted that there were some conflicts between Kurt Angle and WWE  it was just a mutual split and there are no hard feelings for that. Kurt Angle said that he learned a lot and WWE is the ladder of his success and immense career. Despite some conflicts with WWE, Kurt Angle is too excited for the “Hall of Fame”. He also talks about amateur wrestling that was being about instinct.

Kurt Angle Championship Belt at WWE

“Talking about his success in WWE”, Kurt Angle made the jump from amateur to professional wrestling by signing with WWE. After one year, the gold medal grappled ( Kurt Angle ) made his debut at Survivor Series 1999 where he picked up the first win of an undefeated streak where he captured the European and Intercontinental Championships.That was an unforgettable moments for all the Kurt Angle’s fans around the world. Who can forget his unbelievable rookie campaign where we was culminated at WWE No Mercy in October 2000 and defeated “The Rock” to capture his first WWE Championship.


What do you think? Will Kurt Angle return to the ring? We can probably ask that because he didn’t  completely shut the door on an in-ring return. WWE has some of the best opponents for Kurt Angle as he might face potential dream opponents like AJ Styles, John Cena and Seth Rollins. So the news is confirmed that Kurt Angle is 2017 WWE Hall of Fame. 

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