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10 WWE Divas With Ugliest Tattoos

Hello Awesome people, today we will take a look at one of the things which is meant to be awesome but here we are looking at just the opposite side of it – TATTOOS. Yes, i know WWE Wrestlers and Divas have tattoos all over their body which is meant to look classy and stylish but have you ever thought which WWE Divas have the Ugliest Tattoos? I bet you haven’t. Let’s count down – Top 10 WWE Divas With Ugliest Tattoos.

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Paige tattoo

On her thumbs, Paige features a nonsensical, scribbling pattern, that once she puts each thumbs along, forms an excellent larger nonsensical scribbling pattern. She got it as a result of she says it “looks cool.” No, Paige, it doesn’t. it’s like associate old skool Mad Magazine fold-in that got rained on therefore you can’t tell what the image is meant to be. She in all probability walked into the tattoo search and saw a note the creative person was writing however scraped out an error, pointed at the scribble and same, “Blimey, i need that, mate.” She conjointly features a cross associated an anchor on her ring fingers to indicate off, I don’t understand, her love of sailors and character t’s?


 Rosa Mendes Tattoo

Rosa went all out with the gild woman special, obtaining a butterfly tattoo and a Chinese image enclosed by wings and a halo. She has four undergrad’s coccyx ink on her ribcage. Why those tattoos? Why that spot? is that the butterfly attempting to fly up to her wet axillary fossa to freshen it up? Was the Chinese image a cocoon that the butterfly emerged from? Did Rosa Mendez simply need to urge some basic butt tattoos in an exceedingly spot that’s each one amongst the foremost painful and additionally one amongst the ugliest? it’s one thing solely Rosa is aware of the solution to, if she even considered it within the initial place.


Renee Young Tatoo

Young recently got married to Dean Ambrose! She has a tattoo? It’s a pink heart on her wrist joint that she simply got along side her BFF Charlotte. Why would anyone get a heart on their wrist joint unless you wish to try and do some stupid heart-on/hard-on pun? Guys, I modified my mind. Renee Young is hella-lame.


Charlotte Tattoo

Charlotte has many tattoos, some okayish, and a few ugly. On one aspect of her skeletal structure, that is once more not the simplest tat spot, may be a cross dedicated to her deceased brother, Reid Flair. I don’t apprehend if Reid’s final desires enclosed being memorialized by a tacky tattoo, therefore we’ll leave that one alone.

On Charlotte’s alternative aspect of her ribcage there is a bible quote, “Guard your heart particularly else, for it’ll verify the course of your life.” She and her sister each got the quote after they were going through divorces. The print is tiny and cursive therefore you can’t very scan it. i suppose Charlotte will look down and browse the quote the other way up for strength. Charlotte conjointly boasts a top level view of 2 hearts on her hip that she herself describes as ugly. Well, at least she is aware of.



Candice Michelle tattoo

Candice Michelle left the WWE Universe back within the year 2009. However, old fans still remember her as one of the hottest Divas to ever grace the square circle. Oh yeah, and she wrestled, too. Besides Lita, Candice Michelle is also the WWE opera star most related to tattoos; she appeared on an episode of LA Ink in 2007.

Michelle’s freaky tattoo selection will best be represented as a series of stars shooting out of her butthole. There’s one star placed within the selected “tramp stamp” space, and then there are four more higher than that. There doesn’t appear to be any cohesiveness to the look. My best guess is that she needed one star, however the tattoo creative person unbroken messing up and attempting to try and do higher till he finally got one good, 5 stars up. I provide these 5 stars, zero stars.


maryse tattoo

Maryse has her dead Dad’s name tattooed on her wrist joint. She wished it there therefore she might see it perpetually and be unhappy all day. Also, as a result of she has abnormally giant hands, and a butt-fugly, blank ink, wrist joint tattoo attracts attention aloof from them. Folks most likely raise her all the time what her tattoo mean, then when she tells them, they fight awkwardly to not stare at it. It’s somewhat fitting that her tat is quite just like the Miz of tattoos.


lita tattoo

That big ugly Aztec looking thing on her arm surely has some special meaning, right? Nope, she was traveling through Europe and let a tattoo creative person in Dutch capital draw no matter he wished. Her different arm is roofed in bone candy prints from DIA American state Los Muertos, hipster white people’s favorite vacation. On the inside of her lip, Lita features a tattoo that says “punk” to represent the time she was in a punk band. You know, it’s rather like however rappers get tattoos that say “rap.” Or not.


Nikki Bella tattoo

Nikki Bella is that the Bella twin that’s obtaining married to John Cena, not married to Daniel Bryan, has breast implants, and doesn’t have genital organ enclosed by bear claws. That mechanically makes her the gorgeous one.

When cheese and Nikki Bella were young Bella twins at the tender age of fifteen, they determined to urge tattoos. cheese got a fairy on her butt. Nikki got a dumb flaming heart on her butt as a result of she was a dumb child. Did she mishear the expression “wearing your heart on your sleeve” and suppose it absolutely was “wearing your heart on your butt?” Why is that the heart on fire? Why will it keep burning? ar hearts even flammable? will her butt have heart burn? Do her farts fuel the flame? Clearly, this ugly and dumb tat raises some dumb queries.



Brie Bella Tattoo

Brie Bella has bear claws tattooed on her groin. It looks like wings from a distance, but take a close look, they are definitely bear claws. She got them when she was 18 as a way to remember her boyfriend who passed away. It seems like Brie Bella dated a bear in high school. That would correct to say i guess.


Aj lee tattoo

On the rear of her neck, below her hairline, AJ Lee has tally marks indicating the numbers 6, 16, and 3 to commemorate her 1st women’s championship title win. Why tally marks and not traditional numbers? As she’s different! Who would wish to simply read numbers? I mean, they were only invented so we as a humans could easily communicate with each other. And don’t even mention roman numerals. Those elegant X’s and V’s might’ve been fine for those dumb Romans however they are not adequate for her. Nope. She might have to constantly explain to everyone who sees it will do.

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