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Top 5 Banned WWE Wrestling Moves list

Top 5 Banned WWE Wrestling Moves List

As we all are aware that wrestling moves are inherently dangerous but WWE players are trained experts and perform these moves to entertain the arena. But there are some moves that are so dangerous and have actually been banned by WWE. Well, it is aptly true that WWE wrestlers have  scripts and they do have predetermined moves that are perfectly choreographed to ensure the maximum entertainment enjoyed by the WWE fans. Here, we come up with the top 5 WWE Wrestling Moves List that have been banned by WWE.

List of WWE Banned Moves

1. Curb Stomp :- Remember this move? Well, this move was performed by Seth Rollins which is recently banned by WWE. This move was ridiculously easy move to take safely, as it allows the opponent to cushion their fall with their arms. This move was quite dangerous. Thus, WWE chose to remove that move from common use. After all, WWE cares about their athlete health that are becoming more and more crucial on a regular basis.

WWE Banned Moves List

Seth Rollins Curb Strom to Ryback

2. Randy Orton’s Punt:-Remember that “Punt Move” which he used on Mcmahon’s family. Randy used to kick wrestlers in the head and put them out for a long ago. The move is even more dangerous than RKO and used to be Randy’s deadly move. Randy’s punt move was considered as match finisher. WWE decided  it probably wasn’t a good idea as they were promoting one of their top stars deliberately giving other wrestlers head injuries. It was increasing the awareness of the dangers of concussions.  After a short span of time, WWE decided to stop it and banned this move. Thus, we have added this move to list of Top 5 WWE banned moves.

Randy Orton's Punt to Big Show

Randy Orton’s Punt to Big Show

3. The Original Pedigree :- “The original Pedigree” was one of the most dangerous WWE wrestling moves that was performed by none other than “the game”, Triple H. Pedigree was a pro wrestling moves that was made specifically to impress mass audiences and it did not disappoint. In this move, Triple H holds his opponents hands behind their back throughout the move. It caused them to absorb the impact of the apex of the action to the victim’s head chest or even their face.

Triple H original Pedigree to Ryback

Triple H original Pedigree to Ryback

4. Chair Shots to the Head :- Well, chair shots to the head is not the actual WWE move but with rise of hardcore wrestling, wwe saw a drastic increase in the number of chair shots. In fact, chair shot to the head is punishable by fine. Although, this chair shots were used during their WrestleMania 27 match between Triple H and Undertaker. But in the most part, WWE banned this move as they are very much aware of how dangerous concussions it can be.

Triple H_chair shots _on_cm_punk

triple H_chair shots _on_cm_punk

5. Brain Buster :- Its name discloses how dangerous this move is. This move is mostly used by Japanese wrestlers but hardly seen in America and almost never in WWE. The move is likely costs the victim a few brain cells and hurts them hard. Later, the move was banned by WWE due to the combination of lack of control which is involved in a move. Apart from this, dropping someone on their neck from a significant height can caused to death as well. Thus, WWE banned this move and lists it in WWE banned moves list.

WWE Banned Brain Buster Moves

WWE Banned Brain Buster Moves

While there are some other moves that are banned from WWE. We have listed you a list of WWE pro wrestling banned moves list. Have a look at this.

List of WWE Wrestling Moves List

Double Leg Takedown/Single Leg Takedown


Riding the Leg

Butterfly / Banana Split


Freestyle Turns

The Penetration Step

The Lift

The Back Arch

The Penetration Step

The Backstep

Move to Base

Barrel Roll

Cement Job

Tight Waist Near Arm

Tight Waist Far Ankle

Spiral Ride

Two on One

Low Single Leg Takedown

Tie Ups


Fireman’s Carry

Near-Arm Far-Leg

Arm Drag

Ankle Pick

Bear Hug



Sit Out


Hip Heist






Arm Bar

Indiana Hook



One on One

Tight Waist

Half Nelson


3/4 Nelson

Head in the side Cradle (Bow and Arrow)

Short sit cradle

Stand-up Cradle


Ankle Lace


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